2024 Oklahoma Junior State Championship, Fort Gibson Lake

Age group is now 8th grade or less on the day of the OK TBF JR State Championship.


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Will advance 1 team for every 10 teams that compete in the JR State to the JR World Championship. No minimum age requirement.

Entry fee per team $25.00

Check-in/Registration will be Friday, May 17th, 2024 from 5:30PM-6:30PM at Taylors Ferry North Boat Ramp. Mandatory meeting will begin at 6:35PM

Tournament will be Saturday May 18th, 2024. Take-off at 6:30AM from Taylors Ferry North Boat Ramp Weigh-in 2:30PM

OBF State Youth Director

Joey Bray

Jr. Anglers

One of the oldest and most productive programs that The Bass Federation has ever had is the TBF Junior Angler Program.

NEW FOR 2021! In this program young anglers who are in the 8th grade or less on the day of their LAST state federation Junior qualifier can join as a TBF Junior members and fish as a team with a buddy from their own boats with their own boat captains! Many times state federation can help you find a partner if you need one.  We have active state Junior Programs in almost every state across the country and 1 team advances to the Junior World Championship for every 10 unique teams entered. So (1) for 1-10, (2) for 20, (3) for 30 etc.  A state program must have a minimum of 6active Junior members to participate.

These junior anglers fish in local club & state tournaments and participate in fundraising and conservation projects just like the adults do.

The competitive branch of this program allows the anglers to attend their sanctioned Junior State events and attempt to qualify for the annual TBF Junior World Championship (JWC) out of their own boat with their own boat captain for thousands of dollars in scholarships and prizes!

If you’re interested in getting involved, see our “FAQ info” page on how to start a Junior Club, or contact us for more information on the Junior Angler Program in your state.

For a copy of the Official Junior World Championship Rules Click Here

Reel Kids

The Bass Federation and its member states have implemented a casting skills accuracy challenge for young anglers across the country!

“The Reel Kids Program” is in many cases the first opportunity that many kids have to be introduced to the great sport of fishing. At events like sport and outdoor shows across the country and in many schools these programs are giving kids the chance to experience what it is really like to handle a fishing rod and reel. They test their skills in the art of Casting, Flipping, and Pitching a plastic jig to a very colorful target.

This program is organized and operated at the state level only. By a vote of the Federation Presidents each state decides at what level they wish to advance the program. Many states advance kids from individual events to a State Championship while others choose only to run the event at the local level and put more emphasis on just getting as many kids as possible involved!

Regardless of what level each state chooses, this program consistently achieves its goal of exposing kids from 8 to 15 years of age to the great sport of fishing!!

If you’re interested in bringing one of these events to your area please contact the Oklahoma Bass Federation President or Youth Director.

Student Angler Federation (SAF) – In School Fishing Program

This program utilizes a high action DVD with some outstanding underwater footage to get students excited about fishing. Educators like this program because it highlights how the basic elements of education, math, science and language arts, are used by anglers out on the water every day. We also show some of the ever increasing career opportunities being created through the sport of fishing.

The great thing about this portion of the program is that it is absolutely free to any school or youth group that wants to participate.

Our end result is that we want to encourage students to form a school fishing club so they can experience this sport first hand.

For more information, visit

Association of Collegiate Anglers (ACA)

It just takes 6 members of your college student body to form a club and fish at the collegiate level! There are hundreds of clubs across the country already. Contact us to see if you can join one, or start one! Visit the ACA tournament series site.

For any information regarding youth activities within your state, please contact your state’s youth director – listed at the top of this page.