MAY 4th AND 5th, 2019

The Oklahoma Bass Federation held their third and fourth 2019 tournaments at Lake Eufaula on May 4 and 5, 2019. With weather reports calling for rain on the second practice day, some on Saturday, however, the rain passed to our North and left us with good weather conditions throughout the weekend.  The lake level was a couple feet over normal and the water was from murky/stained to muddy.  As always anglers worked with visible depths of 6 to 12 inches and found the best lures to bring fish to the scales.


The Saturday tournament started at 6:15 am with partly cloudy skies and a slight breeze.  The anglers weighed-in at 3:30 pm bringing in 16 limits of fish.  Top honors for Saturday went to Stewart and Wyatt Ryan (Ada) with a limit of 5 fish weighing 18.69# with a 5.11# lunker.  Second place went to Ben Burk and Mike McGregor (Bedlam) with a solid 3-pound average per fish tipping the scales at 16.15#.  Johnny Babb and Chris Terron (Ada) nosed out Jody and Don Linder by 0.12 pounds to take third with 15.5#.  Jody and Don Linder (Ponca City) had 15.38# to garner fourth place.  Denton Long and Casey Vaughn (NEO) had the only 14-pound stringer weighing 14.56# but it included the big bass for the day at 6.10# for fifth place.  Sixth place went to Ron Boyd and Steve Carlon (Bedlam) with 13.19 pounds. followed by Bobby Walker and Ray Spears (Ponca City) at seventh with a 12.56# stringer.  Only 0.06# behind in eighth place with 12.50# was Troney Langston and George Sawyer (Ponca City).  Jack Garrett and Charles Mayberry (Ada) took ninth with a limit weighing 11.25#.  The next three places were separated by only 0.37#.  Tenth went to the team of Dean Matts and Scott Callaway (Central) with 10.69# followed by Brandon West and Chris Angier (Bedlam) at eleventh by boating a limit weighing 10.38#.  Shawn Lewis and Curtiss Plunkett (Ponca City) followed at with 10.32# to place twelfth.  Donnie Combrink (PC Hookers) and Brandon Beck (Ada) took thirteenth with a limit weighing 7.00#.  Rounding out the top fifteen teams were Mike Morgan (Ada) at fourteenth with 6.88 and Andy Belot and Daren Lewis (NEO) closing out the group with their limit of 6.69# for fifteenth.


The Sunday tournament started at 6:15 am for most of the anglers, however, those launching at the dam were delayed until after 7 am until the fog lifted.  The morning started with a slight breeze, scattered clouds changing to clear blue skies mid-morning.  Stewart Ryan and son, Wyatt proved to be in their best form by repeating as the tournament leader for the second day with the biggest bag of the weekend tipping the scales at 21.50# with included the tournaments biggest bass weighing 6.19#.  Johnny Babb and Chris Terron moved up one spot from day one to take second with 16.50#.   There was a tie for third between Keltyn Hendrix and Brad Sullivan (Bedlam) and Kyle Tudor and Nate Davidson (NEO) with identical limits of 12.56#.  Fifth place went to Ben Burk and Mike McGregor only 0.18# back at 12.38#.  There were four team with 10# stringers.  Jody and Don Linder led the ten-pound group, taking sixth with 10.69# followed by Bobby Walker and Ray Spear taking seventh with a total of 10.44#.  The other two 10-pound stringers resulted in a tie at 10.19#.  The teams sharing eighth place were Mike Morgan, fishing alone, and Dean Matts and Scott Callaway.  Troney Langston and George Sawyer nosed out Donnie Combrink and Brandon Beck by only 0.07#.  Troney and George had 9.63# while Donnie and Brandon tipped the scale at 9.56#.  Marc and Julie Downs (Bedlam) took twelfth with a limit weighing 8.19#.  Jeffrey Linder and Brett Krieger got the lucky thirteenth to weigh a limit weight of 7.94# after weighing in the tournaments smallest limit of the weekend at 3.38# on Saturday.  Rounding out the top fifteen were Andy Belot and Daren Lewis took fourteenth with 7.38# while Jack Garrett and Charles Mayberry took fifteenth with 6.38#.


The results indicated the catch per day were close to the same.  On Saturday there was 92 fish weighed-in weighing 191.47 pounds that results in an average of 2.08# per fish.  The teams averaged 6.60# for the day with each team boating 3 fish per day.  Sunday there were 101 fish caught weighing 197.65 pounds for an average of 1.96# each.  The team average for the second day was 6.82# with each team boating 3 fish for the day.   Over-all, there were 193 fish weighed that totaled 389.12# for an average of 2.02 each fish weighed.  There were 99% of the fish released back into the lake.

Stewart and Wyatt Ryan were the big winners for the weekend by winning both days to collect the $525 daily first place money plus the Ranger Cup $100 bonus.  That brings their total payout for the weekend to $1250.  Johnny Babb and Chris Terron, with their second and third place finishes, took home $550.  Ben Burk and Mike McGregor cashed in $300 while the teams of Keltyn Hendrix and Brad Sullivan along with that of Kyle Tudor and Nate Davidson took home $225 each.  Jody and Don Linder collected the final $200 from the $2750 payout total.  The $100 blind draw were won by Denton Long and Casey Vaughn on Saturday while Ben Burk and Mike McGregor won the lucky draw on Sunday.

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The final two OBF tournaments will be held on Grand Lake May 18th and 19th to complete the qualification process to allow boaters and co-anglers to attend the TBF District 6 National Semi-Finals.  The top boaters and co-anglers will qualify based on the participation of OBF members during our sanctioned events.  Each OBF club will be allowed to enter a boater and co-angler or more than one based on the number of active club members.  The tournament will be held on Millwood Lake in Southwest Arkansas with the top boater and co-angler advancing to the 2020 TBF National Championship. The top seven Divisional leaders at TBF Nationals will qualify for the 2020 BFL All-American and possible advancement to the FLW Cup.  For information concerning our program concerning the adult program, High School program, or Junior program call 580-761-8094.